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Welcome! I'm Christos Sotiriou, a seasoned Software Architect and Team Leader with extensive experience in Cloud Native technologies such as Java and NodeJS, as well as enterprise architectures.

Throughout my career, I have worked on high-profile projects for companies like Vodafone, Pizza Hut, and Taxiplon (which was a Global Mobile Awards 2012 finalist). I have also developed development SDKs for iOS and NodeJS applications, and I specialize in containerized environments and microservices.

In addition to my professional work, I have also created successful personal projects like iGreekNews, which was a pioneering RSS reader in 2009, and YouTruck Active, which was ahead of its time in the AR space. I am always eager to learn and expand my skill set, and I thrive on exploring new areas and pushing beyond my comfort zone.

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I'm Christos Sotirioui, a software engineer with 18 years of experience. Subscribe for insights on coding solutions, career tips, industry trends, and personal reflections on the tech world.